Corkie’s Bell Choir is composed of children and youth from the Christian Kids’ Club and Confirmation Class, ages 5-14 and is open to anyone who is interested. No special talent is required, just enthusiasm and a commitment to practicing and performing.

The choir usually plays at the second Sunday of the month church services and also for Christmas Eve, Easter, and the End of the Year Program.

Corkie’s Bell Choir was formed in the fall of 2010 after Jane Dickow observed the children playing at a Sunday service in the Rockland United Methodist Church. She thought it would be fun and something new for our children to learn while bringing joy to the congregation. So Jane approached Pastor Rosemary about it. The Pastor asked how much the bells and music would cost. When Jane told her what the cost was for 4 sets of bells and 2 pieces of music, Pastor Rosemary said that was the exact amount of money in a Memorial Fund given in memory of Cortlen Calhoun. Cortlen was a member and leader in this church for many years. Her nick-name was Corkie, hence the name, Corkie’s Bell Choir; how pleased she would be to hear the children play!

What a blessing to be able to celebrate Pastor Appreciation with a full church and the children playing the bells!

Posted by White Pine Community United Methodist Church on Sunday, October 20, 2013